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Great Codesters Activities for Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week is always one of our favorite times of year at Codesters. It’s wonderful to see computer science education take the spotlight and to see showcased all the great work teachers and schools are doing!

One of the signature activities during Computer Science Education Week is Hour of Code. Hour of Code is an awareness activity, usually lasting a period or two, in which students are exposed to coding and computer science, often for the first time. It’s been instrumental to raising the profile of computer science in school communities. Codesters offers a variety of activities for teacher and schools to use in their classrooms. These include:

  • Dance Moves – Design your own dance routine and program a sprite to perform it!
  • Turtle Drawing – Guide the turtle out of a maze and create spiral art!
  • Winter Greetings – Create your own greeting card to celebrate winter!

We’re also proud to announce that Codesters has also been added to the curriculum list of, one of the key organizations behind the Hour of Code nationwide. We have a lot of respect for the amazing advocacy work has done and are excited to be included on their list.