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Find missing Sprites or Shapes

Sprites and shapes are added to the stage in the order that they appear in your program.  This layering can render sprites invisible. A sprite placed off of the stage can also be a reason for a missing sprite.

Does your sprite overlap at the same location with another sprite on the stage?

  1. Switch the statement order in your program
  2. A program runs statement by statement from the top to bottom
  3. Every sprite will overlay after the previous one
  4. The sprite that you want on top should should appear last in our program

Is your Sprite or Shape positioned off of the Stage?

  1. Click on the Actions toolkit
  2. Look in the Moving Sprites section
  3. Drag the Go To block into the editor
  4. Change the x,y coordinates to 0,0: sprite.go_to(0,0)
  5. The Sprite will appear in the center of the stage
  6. Debug your program to see what caused your Sprite or Shape to be outside of the boundary of the stage