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How do I share projects on our class page?

You can share the entire class page or individual projects via, email, Instant Message, Text, and social media and the recipient does not need to have a Codesters account. The projects can be opened and run on any device. The code from projects on a class page is visible but can't not be copied and used in another project.

To Share Projects:

  • Teachers can click on Class Projects from your teacher dashboard
  • Students can click on Class Projects in the upper right corner of their lesson progress overview. 
  • From the class page, the url at the top will contain the class key and can be used to share all of the projects on the class page as a library.
  • To share a specific project, click on the project to open it in a pop-up window and copy the URL.

Share via, Email, Instant Message, Text, and Social Media! 

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