Codesters FAQ is the official FAQ site for We will continue to update this blog with the most common questions we receive form teachers using Codesters.

Fitting Coding into the school day

  • Your current technology class is the perfect fit for Codesters
      • You can replace your current Technolgy topics and run a full year coding program
      • You can split the year with your current technology curriculm and add a semester of coding
      • Note: NYC teachers - CSforAll is now in STARS

  • No current technology class consider adding one
      • Coding is quickly being identified as a new core literacy
      • From teachers to superintendents and local to national initiative there is a tremendous momentum for bringing computer science into the school day

  • Another option is to introduce coding into a core class like math or science
      • Each codesters lesson aligns to one or more CCSS or NGSS standards as indentified in our formal lesson plans
      • Sample Lesson Plan