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Accessibility & Free Screen Reader

We believe here at Codesters that every child deserves to code! If you have a student who is visually-impaired please check out these resources below so they can start coding today.

  • You can set up devices and browsers with a free screen reader that bring the speed, simplicity, and security to visually-impaired users

  • If you have a Chromebook, you just need to turn on ChromeVox.

    • To turn spoken feedback on or off, press Ctrl + Alt + Z.

    • To magnify the screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Brightness up or Brightness down (or use Ctrl + Alt + two fingers scrolling up or down on the trackpad)

  • If you have a Mac or PC with Chrome as your browser you can add the ChromeVox extension to your browser.

  • We would love to hear from you on how you are working with your visually-impaired students at

Here are some additional resources that might be hepful:
Watch a video on the new ChromeVox

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