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How do I format my roster CSV File in Google Sheets

The following steps support our step by step CSV Example Video
  • Download the Sample CSV file
    • File Format: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Screen Name
      These headings should be row 1 of the spreadsheet
    • Note: Student email is not required
  • Open your existing spreadsheet and map data to match CSV format

Formatting with Google Sheets

  • Name is one column that needs to be split into two:
    • Insert a column to the right of the full name
    • Select all the names to be split
    • Click Data and then Split Text to Columns
    • Choose the character to be used as the split point (most likely a "space")
    • The name should now be split into 2 parts
    • Ensure that column one is First Name and column two Last Name

  • Auto generate Screen Names using a formula:
    • Suggested format is First Name, Last Initial, and School Number
    • Enter this formula in cell E2 and replace nnn with your school number
    • Copy E2, select the rest of column E and paste to generate screen names

Saving Google Sheet in CSV format

  • Click "File" and 'Download As"
  • Click "Comma-Separated Values (.csv)"
  • Your file will be downloaded into the "downloads" file on your computer