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Format roster CSV file in Excel

Tips for formatting your .csv file

Step 1: Open a copy of your Excel Sheet and add the column headings. 
First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Screen Name. These headings should be in the first row of the spreadsheet

NOTE: Student email is not not required. A Logon ID will be generated when the roster is uploaded. This Login ID is not used by the student  and just ensures that the account is

Step 2: Special Formatting

  • Full name is in one column and needs to be split into two:
    Insert a column to the right of the full name
    Select all the names to be split
    Click Data and then Text to Columns
    Click "Next"
    Check the box that matches the delimiter (most likely a "space")
    Click "Next" and then "Finish"</li>
    The name should now be split into 2 parts
    Ensure that column A contains First Name and column B Last Name
  • Auto generate Screen Names using a formula:
    Suggested format is First Name, Last Initial, and School Number
    Enter this formula in cell E2 and replace nnn with your school number =A2&left(B2,1)&"nnn"
    Copy E2, select the rest of column E and paste to generate   screen names

Step 3: Saving File as a .csv
     Click "File" at the very top of the desktop on the left
     Click "Save As" and select format "Comma Separated Values (.csv)
     You can optionally change the file name and save location
     Click "Save"