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Teach Your First Class

First Day Logistics

Below are some resources to help your first day with students run smoothly. If you have any questions do you hesitate to contact us!

Class Set-up:

First Day Resources: 

  •  Clear your lesson progress so that you can begin your presentation.

  • Building Your First Program - Present this slide deck with embedded video to introduce the platform to your students.

  • Slides for Student Signup with Google - Present this on board to walk students through sign-up with Google. If you don’t use Google, see next step to sign in with a class key.

  • Slides for Student login with Class Key - Present this on the board to walk students through logging in with the class key.

  • Start with the first lesson and go through the first 4 activities together as a class to get your students comfortable with the editor. They will then continue the activities at their own pace.

Share with students that they will do:

  •  A series of skill building activities to build a project.

  • Pay close attention to the directions and to only do what is asked to prevent any bugs.

  • Activities are auto-graded and look for the green "check +" to advance to the next activity.

  • At the end of the lesson, they will then get a chance to be creative and apply what they have learned to a build their own project.  

  • Explain that they will get a chance to make an eCard and all projects will be displayed on the Class Page for inspiration. 

  • Provide them with our Support Best Practices - try reset, ask a classmate, ask you, and then use the support tab