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Sprite Library

We are adding Sprites all of the time but here a some of the categories that you will find.
Click on the Sprites toolkit and page down to see all the available Sprites.

  • People
  • Halloween
  • Other People(Superheroes, Athletes, Royalty, Zombies, Snowman,...)
  • Space
  • Medieval(Wizards, Dragons, Treasure Chest, Witch, Royalty...)
  • Animals
  • Scenery(Flowers, Trees, Bubbles, Lilypad....)
  • Sports
  • Aquatic
  • Miscellaneous(Computers, Cars, Dice, Microphone, Presents,...)
  • Winter
  • Farm (Pig, Cow, Hay, Pitchfork)
  • Earth Day
  • TechJam
  • Split Up Sprites(People and robot parts: Head, Middle, Legs)
For more information about Sprites see:
How to Use Custom Sprites