Codesters FAQ is the official FAQ site for We will continue to update this blog with the most common questions we receive form teachers using Codesters.

Enroll students in a class

Enrolling students in your class is easy.  Simply choose the path that best fits your classroom:

  • Sign in with Google  - Google Apps for Education School
    If your school uses Google Apps, then the easiest way to enroll students is to have them Sign Up with Google.
  • Sign in with Class Key - Pre-enroll students using our Edit Roster feature
    If your school does not use Google Apps, then we recommend pre-loading your students in your class roster. You can add them manually or upload a CSV with your whole roster.
  • Sign in with Email - Students have their own email address
    If your students have email you can also ask them enroll independently. Just give them your class key and then they will each enter their name, email and password.
Note: Students are not required to have an email address to use Codesters. When pre-enrolling students, use the Auto Generate Id in place of a student email.