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Middle School Math Labs

Our grade-level specific, common-core aligned math labs help you bring coding into your math classroom! Each project-based lab has 3 individual lessons that target key understandings in each domain. Each Lab culminates in a larger project that allow students to demonstrate mastery of learned math concepts as well as their newly developed coding skills!  Project-based lessons paired with instant visual feedback allow students to explore and experiment as they reinforce, develop, and refine their understanding of the learned concept. Available for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • A math lab is 2-3 days of common-core aligned coding lessons that enhance a school's existing math curriculum 
  • Students learn that they can apply their coding skills to solve problems 
  • Students code projects that allow them to reinforce, explore, and understand familiar formulas and algorithms they use in math class
  • Students get instant feedback at each stage of their build, and then extend and apply their understanding using a tool that they've constructed

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