Codesters FAQ is the official FAQ site for We will continue to update this blog with the most common questions we receive form teachers using Codesters.

Support Tab

 The support tab is always available in the bottom left corner of the Codesters Platform.  Teachers and students can submit support requests so it is important to educate students on what it means to ask for support. 


Codesters Support Highlights:

  • Support requests submitted from students will be emailed to our support team and to the teacher.

  • Support emails contain:
    Student’s Name and email
    Information on the class, module, lesson, and activity
    Student’s code and the answer key side by side
    A link to the student’s code so that you can run the code
    The error that occurred

  • If a request is based on an activity that is part of a lesson, we assume that the teacher will be able to address the issue. If not, the teacher should email us at ( for help.

  • Remind Students that what they type in the support request will be going to you and to us!

  • Provide a framework to students for working though coding issues: