Codesters FAQ is the official FAQ site for We will continue to update this blog with the most common questions we receive form teachers using Codesters.

Intro to Codesters Lesson 1 - Tips

Lesson 1 is an introduction to the Codesters toolkit. Students will complete activities based on our lesson Pedagogy.  1) Drag from the toolkit 2) Change the code by typing in the editor and 3) write code and learn syntax by doing debugging activities.

The last activity of every lesson is a "create" project. This is where students to show mastery and creativity by applying what they learned in the skill building part of the lesson. "Create" projects post to the class page so that students can explore each other's projects.

Lesson 1: Create an Interactive Greeting Card

Sharing Student Work - Video to become familiar with the class page and the importance of highlight student work and engaging student with peer review

All activities in a lesson are auto graded except the "Create" Project. You will find the rubric for grading the "Create" projects in the Module Documents Folder:  Create activity rubric