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Intro to Codesters Lesson 3 - Tips

In this lesson, students will use basic shapes to recreate a company, team, or game logo. The key to this "create" project is to look for logos that can be decomposed into basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and ellipses. Text can also be added using the Text block from the Shapes and Drawing Toolkit. 

Lesson 3: Recreate a Logo using the Shapes and Drawing Toolkit


  • Draw logo on paper first and identify the basic shapes
  • Shapes will layer on top of each other based on their order defined in a program
  • Create new shapes by layering shapes
  • Use TEXT and change the size and color to match your logo 

Helpful How-To Topics:

Project Examples:

Example #1  - Target Logo
Example #2 -  NBC Logo - Advanced
Example #3 - Channel Logo - Advanced
Example #4 - Nissan Logo - Medium difficulty

Additional Examples: More Logos (Try the Today or Beats Logos)