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Intro to Codesters Lesson 4 - Tips

A chatbot is a way to make someone feel like they are having a conversation with the computer by responding in a personal way.  This involves asking questions and then using the answers to respond. Students have learned about using a variable that is assigned in the “Ask” block and then how to use that variable in an “if” to take an action based on the variable’s value.  

Lesson 4:  Chat with your Sprite

Ask about a favorite season or holiday and change the background based on the answer.
Ask more questions about the season or holiday and reflect back the answers.

  • Ask yes or no questions so that it is easy to check the answer in the “if”
  • Make sure to use the “else” so you can respond no matter what the user types in.
  • Ask the person’s name so that you can use the name to respond personally
  • Ask more questions based on how the person responds to your initial question (i.e. Halloween - you might ask about costumes or candy)

 These how-to topics are a great review for the chatbot project.

 Project Examples

Example #1  - Musician Themed
Example #2 - Shark Themed
Example #3 - Outdoor Themed