Codesters FAQ is the official FAQ site for We will continue to update this blog with the most common questions we receive form teachers using Codesters.

Ideas for working with special needs students

Here are some possible general solutions for using Codesters with special needs students. Email us at if you would like help with a particular difficulty your student is experiencing.

  • Allow your student extra time with the lesson. 
  • Set a clear expectation that avoids completing the Create project (the last activity in each lesson)
  • The instructions can be read aloud using screen reader software. Depending on your hardware and/or the browser you generally use, there are a variety of options available.  We can help you find one that works best for you. 
  • Print out this debugging checklist so that s/he has a clear set of steps to follow when something goes wrong. 
  • Use heterogeneous pairing and a driver-navigator pair programming model for some lessons or projects. In this model, the driver is the person who actually does the dragging, dropping, typing and the navigator is the one who tells driver what to do. In general, these roles should switch sometimes, but depending on this student's strengths, this may help with a variety of difficulties that your student may be experiencing.